Develop a powerful HR strategy that delivers results

All businesses face the challenge of making sure their HR and talent acquisition objectives, systems and processes don’t stagnate. You may be facing operational challenges or difficulties in adopting the right technologies. LevelUP is here to help evolve your HR, bringing the expertise, resources and change management to any initiative you want to launch, whether it’s putting DE&I at the heart of your talent management or undertaking change management. 

A man and woman sitting on a couch talking to each other
A man and woman sitting on a couch talking to each other

How our HR advisory services work

Our HR advisors work as your valued strategic partners, helping you to optimise your HR policies and processes to create an attractive workplace that attracts, recruits, and retains the best talent. From support with talent management and compliance, through to organisational and leadership development, they’ll help you develop a powerful HR strategy and a vision that delivers results.

LevelUP branded elements
LevelUP branded elements
LevelUP branded elements
LevelUP branded elements
LevelUP branded elements LevelUP branded elements
LevelUP branded elements

Good reasons to choose our HR advisory services

LevelUP’s HR advisory services are designed to make your HR flexible, compliant and help your business develop a reputation as an employer of choice. Our industry-leading HR consultants can help you: 

  • Design your recruitment process - to help attract high quality, diverse talent

  • Enhance training and development – for all members of your HR teams

  • Create performance and growth management programs – and implement them

  • Ensure legal compliance – with advice on labour and employment laws

  • Build efficiencies and strategies – covering the whole recruitment process

  • Evaluate your ATS /VMS technology – and help you to optimise it

  • Improve mobility planning – for current and future talent

  • Refine employer branding  – and strengthen your employee value proposition

  • Become a more diverse employer – with DE&I expertise

  • Evaluate employee orientation and onboarding – and advise on improvements

  • Benchmark your HR – against comparable competitors


Leadership, change and organisational strategy

LevelUP consultants help leaders evaluate and identify strategic needs that drive business performance and strengthen internal alignment with developing an effective and evolving HR strategy. With a best-in-class tech stack and a dedicated market research and analytics team, we have real-time information to help your business and leadership remain competitive for current and future talent. Using a consultative approach, we provide strategies and efficient implementation plans that are informed by data gathered from all parts of your business and are tailored to your specific needs and priorities.


Get in touch if you’d like to learn how we can help you with:

  • Market Intelligence  
  • Organisational design & strategy  
  • Restructuring and reorganisation activities  
  • Career management  
  • Change management  
  • Cultural transformation 
  • Executive coaching 
  • Interview skills for managers 
76 people recruited in 3 months


Transformative results our clients depend on

76 people recruited in 3 months

Sector: Financial Services
Challenge: Recruiting muti-skilled team for new EMEA office
The numbers: 76 people recruited in 3 months


John Fitzgerald


John is an executive well known for reshaping human capital. As the former Chief Human Resource Officer at a multinational investment bank, he revolutionised talent management by seamlessly integrating diversity, culture, conduct, and risk management with core business objectives, setting new industry benchmarks.

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