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Our podcast provides a chance to listen in on in-depth conversations with top CHROs, Chief People Officers, and Talent Acquisition executives, offering invaluable insights into the future of work and strategies to adapt in rapidly changing times.

Led by your host Grant Jessup, each episode delves into the latest perspectives shaping how we attract, recruit, and retain our workforces to elevate the world of work.

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Grant Jessup

Host and Head of Global Talent Solutions, LevelUP

Meet Grant Jessup, your host on LevelUP With Us! With a strong belief in the transformative power of a fulfilling career, Grant is on a mission to shape the future of work. He is immersed in designing and delivering talent solutions for a diverse range of businesses, from global corporations to cutting-edge startups. From crafting tailored hiring programs to championing diversity initiatives, Grant is passionate about reshaping how companies approach talent acquisition. 

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