Contingent workforce management

Streamline your contingent workforce acquisition & retention

As working patterns have evolved, we have witnessed significant growth in companies’ reliance on the contingent workforce. Consequently, businesses are not only encountering increased competition when sourcing contractors and consultants, but they are also required to allocate more resources to manage them effectively.

LevelUP’s tech-driven Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) solution streamlines the process of acquiring and retaining contingent staffing across different areas of your company and provides a seamless approach to handle contingent workers. Not only does implementing this solution not cost you, but it also helps you organise the sourcing, onboarding and offboarding of all your contingent workers. 


Why LevelUP’s Contingent Workforce Staffing Solutions?

Our contingent workforce management specialists work with you and your internal teams to deliver major benefits. 

  • Improved access to talent – with industry-leading candidate staffing pipelines
  • Cost savings – we build MSP staffing strategies to lower talent costs
  • Automation – our tech stack combined with VMS partnerships deliver recruitment and management
  • Visibility – software that delivers actionable data
  • Diversity – we ensure supply chain partners embrace DE&I
  • Compliance – we mitigate risk and meet regulatory standards
  • Continuous improvement – we measure program effectiveness to improve it

New To Contingent Workforce Management?

How Contingent Workforce Management works

LevelUP’s Contingent Workforce Solution is built on six interrelated disciplines, designed to optimise your contingent talent recruitment and management. Each aspect of our solution can be customised to meet your business needs and goals.

Contingent workforce recruiting

Competition for contingent workforce personnel has soared. To secure the best talent, you need to cast your net wider than before. LevelUP’s solution solves this problem by adding powerful omnichannel sourcing and targeting to your recruitment processes. From automated job advertising and AI-enabled sourcing, through to social channels, email campaigns and employee referrals, our tailored solution delivers a candidate pipeline of diverse and exceptional talent as and when you need it. When needed, we work with a network of suppliers to fill roles and, by negotiating rates and optimizing budgeting strategies, we lower your talent sourcing costs.

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Retention-boosting onboarding

End-to-end RPO services that manages every aspect of talent acquisition from market research and sourcing through to onboarding.

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Simplifying your workforce management

Large or complex contingent workforces are complex to manage. Many businesses fall into the trap of letting their workforce management grow organically. This leads to their procurement department, business groups and HR teams wasting resources dealing with a tangle of talent suppliers, invoicing, service providers and individual contractors. LevelUP’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) solution eradicates this problem by centralising your contingent workforce management. Our program office uses powerful VMS software to manage and give complete visibility of all suppliers, contractors, and consultants – giving you the tools to drive down employment costs and manage contingent worker performance, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Compliance in all markets and industries

Our solutions are designed to make compliance simple. Whether you need to comply with global or local regulations, or with industry or internal requirements, our technology gives you the data you need at your fingertips. Enjoy complete visibility of headcount, pay, credentials, hours worked, cost and spend, DE&I and any other relevant information you need – instantly. In addition, our experts can help you shape your talent acquisition processes and procedures to ensure they are fair, transparent, and compliant with all relevant legislation and requirements. 

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With LevelUP’s CWM service, you benefit from our management of your contractor workforce, alleviating a major burden for your business. Our technology and automated tools support this process, making it smooth and frictionless for contractors as well as your team. When needed, we can also manage payrolls that include independent contractors, contractor referrals, interns, and retiree programs. For companies and organisations tracking Diverse Supplier Spend, all spend through our CWM program is considered Tier 1 because of our Certified MBE status.

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Business Intelligence

LevelUP’s contingent workforce management technology helps you make smarter business decisions, faster. We can customise it to deliver the data and reports you need, giving you insights into everything from where to place talent, where it can be sourced more cheaply, what the right rates are and what your competitors are doing. Tools built specifically with contingent workforce management in mind also allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your talent acquisition program – and improve it continuously. 

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Design element
63% reduction in talent acquisition spend over a 3 year period

LevelUP in Action:

Cost efficient solutions without compromising results

63% reduction in talent acquisition spend over a 3 year period

Major cost savings while doubling the number of hires in a three-year period. Discover the strategy behind this remarkable feat that defied limitations and reshaped success in talent acquisition.

$10.8m saved with award winning solution

LevelUP in Action:

Contingent Workforce Solution (CWM) ensures major cost savings

$10.8m saved with award winning solution

Dive into the strategy of building a cost effective and efficient management system to oversee a client’s contractor population. With results that boast a 95% acceptance rate and a remarkable 78% retention rate, look at how we helped a company where costly traditional agencies once prevailed.

110 people managed with LevelUP solution

LevelUP in Action:

Implementing CWM Solution for growth

110 people managed with LevelUP solution

Discover how our client was seeking an expert partner to transition their 110 person contingent workforce with minimal disruption during program launch. Our team of industry experts seamlessly brought success that has prepared the company for continuous growth and expansion.


Jenifer Pappas

Founder & Managing Partner

Jinefer is an experienced recruitment strategist and workforce management expert with over 25 years of industry experience and has successfully launched numerous workforce solutions worldwide. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institution (PMI). 
Her knowledge and contributions to various projects during her career have been recognised with numerous awards, including Vendor of the Year, Service Excellence, and Delivery Excellence.

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I have worked with LevelUP, helping to integrate their Contingent Workforce Management program at our firm. Throughout the process, they proved themselves to be true partners as they provided value added services, established governance in the processes they are managing, and generated cost savings for the organisation.

HR Manager, Global Investment Banking Firm

Frequently asked questions

How much does your CWM solution cost?

The cost of our Contingent Workforce Management solution will vary on the scale, type and location of your project. However, as much of the costs are passed to vendors, it typically costs our clients little or even nothing. Because the program is designed to increase recruitment efficiency and simplify talent management, it will also lower your own administration and management costs. 

Do I have to incorporate all six elements into my CWM program?

Typically our clients opt for all six elements to deliver a seamless and highly effective solution. However, we always tailor our CWM program to your own needs and goals, so please feel free to discuss how you think we can best help you. 

How many contingent workers do I need to make your CWM solution work for me?

We offer our Contingent Workforce Management solution to clients who need only a handful of workers, right through to those who need to recruit and manage thousands in different global markets. Get in touch, and we’ll be able to help you decide whether our program is for you. 

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