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Leading change in talent acquisition & retention

Meet our leadership team—a dynamic group who brings a wealth of experience as industry experts, creative problem solvers, and forward-thinking innovators. They play a pivotal role in fostering the growth and success of our company and clients across the globe. Get acquainted with the remarkable leaders of LevelUP and how they elevate the world of work. 

  • Curtis Grajeda

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • John Fitzgerald

    President & Chief People Officer

  • Amie Hibbins

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jinefer Pappas

    Senior Vice President, Total Talent Management

  • Ashley Smith

    Senior Vice President, Marketing

  • Dawn Whitney

    Senior Vice President, Healthcare Technology Practice

  • Eric Vega Giordano

    Vice President, Global Head of Technology Practice

  • Diana Hinojosa

    Vice President, Clinical Healthcare Practice

  • Daniel Cha

    Vice President, Sales and Solutions

  • Veronica Ferreira

    Regional Recruitment Director, South Africa

  • Grant Jessup

    Vice President, Sales and Solutions

  • Mike Johnson

    Vice President, Sales and Solutions

  • Simmy Lam

    Regional Recruitment Director, Europe and APAC

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