Building & sustaining a world-class workforce

Thanks to a wealth of global collaborations, LevelUP has gained priceless knowledge in crafting unparalleled talent solutions. At its core, our process demands a seamless integration with your values and business objectives, coupled with a holistic approach to building and sustaining a world-class workforce. Understanding that each business encounters distinctive workforce challenges, we take a bespoke approach to your talent acquisition strategy. This allows us to design solutions that directly address these intricacies while staying in perfect alignment with your values and business goals.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Need someone to alleviate pressures on your talent acquisition team or take care of every aspect of permanent candidate recruiting? We help you cut costs and speed up hiring times by delivering everything from market research, sourcing, and screening, to interview coordination, offer negotiation, and onboarding. Whether you need us to work alongside your own teams, or you’d prefer a fully outsourced solution, we can help.

How it works

Project RPO

When you have immediate talent acquisition needs, our Project RPO solution delivers the quality candidates you need. Ideal for niche hiring requirements, solving temporary team shortages, or fixing a backlog of hires, Project RPO can also help you expand your team fast when you’re launching a new product or service, or expanding into new local or global markets.

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Recruitment on Demand

Recruitment challenges such as peak hiring periods or hard-to-fill positions can sometimes stretch your internal teams to the limit. We help you solve these challenges by delivering the expert, in-house support your teams need.


Sourcing as a Service

Give your internal teams the data and insights and supply of talent they need to hire both better and smarter. We use our tech and expertise to create bespoke recruitment pipelines that give your recruiters access to specialized talent pools.


Contingent Workforce Management

When you need temporary workers, consultants, gig or other contingent workers, our tech-driven CWM solution will not only find and hire the people you need, but it will also simplify and drive down the costs of onboarding and managing them. 


HR Advisory

When you want to supercharge your business’s talent acquisition and HR practices, work alongside our expert consultants to streamline your processes, attract better talent and increase retention rates – as well as meet your leadership and change management goals. Our DE&I consultancy also gives you the skills and insight to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.


Executive Search

If you need talented leaders to take your business forward, we bring together industry knowledge, technology, and an experienced global network to identify and hire outstanding leaders and executives with a proven record of transformation.


Total Talent Solutions

Enjoy cost savings and efficiencies by integrating programs around full-time and contingent labor. We’ll work with you to build a holistic program that makes it easier for you to manage all types of talent.

63% Reduction in talent acquisition spend over a 3 year period

LevelUP in action:

Cost efficient solutions without compromising results

63% Reduction in talent acquisition spend over a 3 year period

Major cost savings while doubling the number of hires in a three-year period. Discover the strategy behind this remarkable feat that defied limitations and reshaped success in talent acquisition.

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