Curtis Grajeda, Managing Partner of LevelUP accepted into Forbes Human Resources Council

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Customer Centric Services

Enterprise RPO

Enterprise solutions encompass each phase of the recruitment life cycle from inception to onboarding. We integrate a dedicated, industry-specific SME recruitment team within your organization and tailor a solution that matches your unique business and talent goals. Our Enterprise solutions include a comprehensive review and redesign of the recruitment process, ATS assessment, and consistent BI reporting focused on tailored key performance indicators.

Project RPO

Project RPO enables the enhancement of your talent acquisition strategy when you need it the most. Dedicated on or off site LevelUP resources assume responsibility over the recruitment life cycle, balancing quantity with quality, to ensure your talent demands are achieved. This strategy is built to ensure results during times of rapid organizational growth, new business launches and one-time expansions.

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On-Demand Recruiter

Our On-Demand Recruiters specialize in demand management, fulfilling your immediate hiring business objectives, for short or long term engagements - all with the availability to be on or off site.

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Recruitment as a Service

Our Recruitment as a Service approach consists of LevelUP recruiters who combine subject matter expertise with extensive practical experience of the strategic and operational issues and challenges that are reshaping the talent acquisition landscape.

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HR Advisory

This customized strategy is built to support your specific objectives and integrate seamlessly into your current systems and processes. By offering a fully integrated, synergistic approach into your business, we gain the necessary understanding of your market,  your culture, and your people.

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