Episode 1

Transforming HR: Insights from a CHRO on AI, Skills-Based Organizations, and Driving Growth


In this conversation, Heena Surani the Chief Talent Officer at Smartnumbers shares her insights and experiences in the field of HR. She discusses the role of a CHRO and the importance of understanding the wider business and influencing at the highest level. Heena also explores the impact of AI in HR, highlighting the benefits and risks associated with its implementation.

She emphasizes the need for a holistic view of skills-based organizations and the importance of flexibility and adaptability in talent models. Heena provides advice for HR professionals, including the importance of self-awareness and finding strategies to manage stress.

Finally, she discusses the role of HR in elevating the world of work and driving growth, inclusion, and resilience.


Introducing Heena Surani

In 2016 Heena stepped in as Chief Talent Officer and rapidly ascended to the role of CHRO by 2017. Armed with a Master’s degree in Human Resources and boasting over 13 years of diverse experience spanning education, media, and communication.

Her primary responsibility? Directly shaping Smartnumbers' growth trajectory and fostering its development. With her expertise in recruitment, training, and adept people management skills, Heena leaves an indelible mark on every facet of Smartnumbers' evolution.


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