Case Study: How LevelUP's Sourcing Strategy Overcame Healthcare Challenges

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Quick Facts


LOCATION: California, United States



  • Backlog of open positions
  • Struggled to fill open niche roles
  • Inefficient hiring process


  • Speed to hire
  • Strong candidate pipeline
  • Process refinement
  • Trusted partnership


A leading Bay Area hospital network faced a daunting backlog of open positions across multiple clinical units. They particularly struggled to identify qualified candidates for niche and specialist roles, with some vacancies remaining unfilled for up to 400 days.

A lengthy hiring process and lack of resources to provide a high-touch, quality candidate experience presented as additional challenges to the organization.


LevelUP implemented a comprehensive six-month RPO program that focused on nurturing a strong healthcare candidate pipeline and building a streamlined, consistent recruitment process. 

Backed by a scalable sourcing team and cutting-edge recruitment tech stack our RPO team developed an omni-channel sourcing strategy, which included: 

  • Increasing visibility of the client organization through job fairs, industry job boards, social media, and healthcare talent networks
  • Enhancing the hospital's employer brand and reputation while promoting a positive work culture
  • Ensuring job postings were optimized to reach the right audience


Speed to Hire: Initially tasked with filling 100 positions over a six-month contract timeline, LevelUP met the company's hiring targets almost two months ahead of schedule.

Strong Candidate Pipeline: By providing focused support at the candidate sourcing stage, LevelUP cultivated surplus of candidates for priority and high-volume roles. Employer brand awareness, unique job postings, omnichannel outreach, and timely communication with candidates were key contributors to successful sourcing. 

Process Refinement: LevelUP introduced a finetuned hiring process that enhanced timely communication with hiring managers and created sense of urgency for time-sensitive activities.

Client Satisfaction: Pleased with LevelUP's consistent delivery and speed-to hire, our client further entrusted us with high-level and hard-to-fill openings—including Senior Compensation Analysts, HR Managers, Senior Accountants, and more.

Trusted Partnership: LevelUP's RPO team was able to integrate into the client organization's internal culture by ensuring alignment on core values. A strong and trust-based partnership was further developed through program success and consistent communication.

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