Case Study: LevelUP Global Markets Recruitment Capabilities​

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CLIENT: Financial Services Company

LOCATION: United Kingdom



  • Unable to meet DE&I goals
  • Finding solutions that are cost effective



  • Our commitment to critical objectives yielded outcomes within just 12 months
  • Reached exceptional DE&I goals
  • Provided massive cost savings 


LevelUP’s Global Markets Lateral Recruitment Team worked closely with a well-known investment bank, one of our valued long-term clients, to implement a comprehensive program that placed DE&I at the forefront. While reducing recruitment spend, LevelUP also focused on delivering unparalleled service excellence. Our commitment to these critical objectives yielded exceptional outcomes within just 12 months.


DE&I Successes
  • 81% of hires are diverse 
  • 75% of hires are gender diverse
  • 44% of hires are ethnically diverse

Cost Savings
  • £284,750 saved in total
  • £17,797 in average savings per hire
  • £10,000-£31,500 in savings per hire


Quality of Service
  • 70% of CVs submitted selected for interview
83% of offers accepted when we managed the end-to-end process


What Our Client's Had to Say

“LevelUP knows the market well and has been very efficient throughout the process, arranging interviews in a matter of days. They were able to offer valuable advice in terms of which firms to approach, as well as the optimal interview process, the technical assessment, etc.”

— MD, Fixed Income Quantitative Strategies


“LevelUP has been a fantastic resource. They have a deep understanding of our culture and effectively communicate what is unique about our organisation; this has helped them to convert dozens of candidates on our behalf. LevelUP has consistently sourced quality candidates with sensitivity and speed, and diligently managed them through every stage of the recruitment process. It is a pleasure to work with LevelUP and we hope to continue to do so in the years to come.”

— MD, Equity Research


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