Case Study: LevelUP Implements Contingent Workforce Solution to Support Major Growth Strategy

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CLIENT: Financial Services Company


TALENT SOLUTION: Contingent Workforce Management


  • Rapid growth of contingent worker population
  • Low confidence in overall program data quality
  • Decentralized process for tracking and reporting contingent workers
  • Inconsistencies in classification of works which introduced compliance risks



  • New technology adaptions
  • Streamlined talent acquisition processes 
  • Improved visibility of contingent workforce
  • Expanded supplier base 


A multinational financial services company sought an expert partner to transition its contingent workforce program with minimal disruption to current business partners and the organization’s supply chain. 

With a global and multi-category expansion on the horizon, they required a partner who could ensure company-wide alignment on corporate policies and objectives for employing and managing contingent workers. Further, they needed (1) a consistent and scalable process to simplify manager experience, (2) a flexible implementation and operations strategy, and (3) a process excellence team to execute against the program shift.


Identify key integration points and establish a dedicated LevelUP team for support. Our contingent workforce experts were able to streamline the process for hiring and managing contingent workers. They also helped the client to implement a data cleansing strategy.

Evaluate and onboard suppliers to the MSP program and ensure hiring managers had access to top performers. LevelUP team engaged the top five suppliers immediately, and over 30 days engaged all other suppliers upon award notification. 

Create a single source of truth for managing contingent labor via a new Vendor Management System (VMS), resulting in accurate classification of contingent workers.

Drive continuous improvement and ensure program expectations are met. In addition to creating an RACI for pre- and post- go-live activities, LevelUP had a 30-day hyper-care period in place post-transition to ensure adoption and issue remediation.


  • Minimal disruption during LevelUP launch 
  • New VMS better adapted to the client’s business needs
  • Full visibility of contingent workforce for tactical and strategic reporting
  • Successfully ensured classification of US workers aligned with regional policies and industry standards
  • Expanded supplier base for niche hiring
  • Streamlined approval hierarchy and invoicing process 
  • Fundamental processes and playbooks in place for ongoing expansion efforts
  • Communications and trainings facilitated adoption and access for hiring managers
  • White glove service reduced administrative burden on hiring managers while providing enhanced insights
  • Faster cycle times across the board


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