Why Companies Are Shifting to Total Workforce Solutions Now

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At this time last year, the world was in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic with no sense of how or when things would get better—let alone go back to “normal”. While it was a difficult and tumultuous time, we saw businesses, schools, and other organizations quickly adapted their processes and operations to continue to provide their services and products.

Today, the world of work is still in flux as companies cautiously scale up to pre-pandemic workforce levels. HR and talent acquisition teams are stretched thin amidst an environment that has accelerated digital transformation, globalization, and talent mobility. HR leaders are looking to innovative hiring approaches to stay ahead in an uncertain business climate.

Solutions like LevelUP’s Total Talent, a total workforce solution (TWS) which is rooted in sourcing top talent and leverages a single process and technology suite to hire contingent and full-time talent, have emerged as viable approaches for companies coping with ever-shifting talent needs.

4 Reasons Why Companies Are Making the Shift to Total Workforce Solutions Now

1.     Making the Change While Things are Still Fluid

Organizations are reevaluating their labor mix following the work from home experiment of the past year. Companies have realized that they can get work done and be successful with remote workers. Now that many employers have opted out of office-based work, they are keeping an open mind when considering where to seek out talent. Many are adopting a much broader, global hiring strategy post-pandemic.

Changing the way that an organization acquires talent can be a difficult thing to do, but after a year where that process was completely disrupted, there is an opportunity to set a new, better course.

2.     Visibility into a Complex Workforce

As organizations increasingly rely on a broadening mix of contingent, temporary, consultant, and permanent workers to meet demand, managing the various talent streams has become a challenge and decreased visibility of an organization’s complete workforce landscape.

Putting all talent channels under one umbrella provides complete visibility, allowing HR leaders to meet c-suite priorities of identifying trends, avoiding risk, building a diverse, multi-generational workforce, and ultimately future-proofing their talent strategy – all backed by real-time analytics.

3.     Demand for Talent is High

These days, the worker is really at the forefront of deciding how they want to work, where they want to work, and when they want to work. We are on the precipice of a major demographic shift in the workplace that will drive talent management approaches to be more focused on the talent experience, personalization, and diversity and inclusion. In this climate, a total talent approach will allow organizations to get the best talent at the right price and at the right time while allowing employees to work as they need or want to.

Also, a company that has one partner managing both contingent and full-time workers can have better cross-pollination of talent across the organization. For example, if a great IT developer applied to a contract position but was a runner-up and didn’t get the job, they can later be considered for other full-time and contract roles that open up in the organization.

4.      Accessible Technology

LevelUP has specifically prioritized evolving our tech stack in order to better service the contingent workforce. RPO partners, like LevelUP, are evolving their tech stacks with diversity-type technologies, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and new sourcing and scraping technologies. The emergence of direct sourcing platforms like TalentNet and Opptly are coming to the forefront and building their own talent pools for providers to pull from. These pools are often built from referrals, alumni, and known talent to the organization, allowing for lower costs and faster placements.

Keeping your permanent and contract workforce programs separate is a thing of the past. It's time to upgrade and enhance your workforce programs with a total workforce solution like LevelUP Total Talent. As an established leader in permanent and contingent talent solutions, LevelUP has worked with brands ranging from tech startups to Fortune 100 corporations on projects as small as 20 positions to more than 10,000. Connect with one of our solution specialists to start designing a program that covers all of your talent needs and truly optimizes your workforce.

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