Reflecting on ViVE: The Intersection of Healthcare Transformation and Talent Acquisition

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As a talent solution provider deeply entrenched in the realm of Healthcare IT, attending ViVE is always an enlightening experience that sheds light on the dynamic landscape of healthcare transformation. ViVE offers a digital health event that focuses on the crucial business of transformation in healthcare. It brought together a myriad of stakeholders - from C-suite executives and digital health leaders to startups, investors, policymakers, patients, and solution providers like us. (So, yes, a great networking opportunity as well!)

This year at ViVE, AI was front and center, certainly, but there were other themes that spurred great presentations and conversations. My FIVE KEY takeaways from ViVE are:

Data-Driven Decision Making: The era of healthcare transformation is fueled by data-driven insights, shaping treatment plans and healthcare strategies. It's remarkable to witness how data is becoming the cornerstone of every decision, paving the way for more personalized and effective care.

Patient-Centricity: The patient is rightfully placed at the center of every healthcare AI decision. This relentless focus on patient-centricity not only enhances outcomes but also fosters a deeper sense of empathy and connection within the healthcare ecosystem.

Inclusivity: ViVE echoed with discussions on addressing disparities to ensure equitable access to quality care. The emphasis on inclusivity reaffirms providers’ commitment to fostering diversity and accessibility in the healthcare landscape.

Emphasis on Patient Engagement and Experience: The integration of AI into patient engagement and experience underscores the transformative power of technology in enhancing the human aspect of healthcare. It's inspiring to witness how innovation is revolutionizing the way patients interact with their healthcare journey.

Mental Health and AI: One standout moment for me was the open discussions around mental health and the role of AI in providing immediate support to those in need. Companies like Rootd out of Vancouver BC are paving the way for innovative solutions in this critical area, showcasing the immense potential of technology in addressing mental health challenges.

Demand for Healthcare Technologists

However, amidst technological transformation lies the real fact that we need people to drive the change and build the future of patient-centered care. The demand for technology enablement is met by the demand for specialized talent and skillsets. Those specializing in healthcare technology have been a small but growing community. Having been in this niche world for over 25 years, I have seen the network of innovators expand. Now on the precipice of exciting changes, we see the need to look beyond our own community. The spotlight is now on sourcing talent from outside traditional healthcare realms, from tech giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft emerging as coveted talent targets. As providers strive to infuse cutting-edge technology and progressive solutions into their practices, the need for diverse expertise becomes paramount.

As we navigate this evolving landscape, we're poised to bridge the gap between healthcare transformation and talent acquisition, ensuring that our partners have access to the brightest minds and innovative solutions to drive impactful change.

ViVE has been a catalyst for reflection and inspiration, fueling our commitment to shaping the future of healthcare through talent and technology. Let's continue this journey together, empowering healthcare innovation one hire at a time.

For information about LevelUP HCS Healthcare IT and Healthcare talent acquisition solutions, reach out to me at or visit us at this link.  

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