Common Obstacles to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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Over the last two decades, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has gained considerable popularity as a viable talent solution. Despite this, many individuals and organizations remain unfamiliar with the full potential of RPO, leading to negative misconceptions. RPO offers customized models and engagements that can be highly effective for companies of all sizes, industries, and talent needs. 

However, entering a successful RPO engagement requires navigating obstacles, making informed choices, and asking the right questions. In this blog post, LevelUP explores the common challenges associated with RPO and provides actional recommendations for employers to leverage these strategic partnerships effectively.

Partnering with the Wrong RPO Provider

Selecting an incompatible RPO provider can result in misalignment with your organization's values, a lack of brand understanding, and strained relationships with your internal team. This can negatively impact hiring outcomes and damage your organization's reputation.

Solution: Conduct comprehensive research on potential RPO providers to evaluate their track record, industry experience, and client testimonials. Assess compatibility by considering their values, cultural fit, and understanding of your employer brand. Maintain transparent and open communication by clearly expressing all expectations, requirements, and concerns throughout the selection process.

Losing Oversight of the Recruitment Process

Fear of losing control and visibility into the recruitment strategy may deter employers from implementing an RPO program. However, through proactive measures, you can ensure your organization remains highly involved in the process.

Solution: Select an RPO provider committed to transparency and collaboration. Involve your hiring managers and HR team in designing the recruitment process and approving the technologies used. Clearly define goals and objectives at the outset, holding regular meetings to maintain oversight and track progress. Hold your RPO partner accountable for performance metrics aligned with your goals.

Weak Employer Brand Representation

When companies entrust their employer brand to an RPO provider, they may have concerns that an external provider may not fully understand the nuances of their organization's brand and may struggle to effectively communicate its values and strengths to potential candidates.

Solution: Consider exploring RPO providers that offer employer branding services. They can evaluate your brand, conduct competitor audits, and provide strategy recommendations. When evaluating an RPO vendor, ensure they understand your employer brand and EVP; you can request sample job listings or conduct brand assessments to validate their interpretation. Open communication helps ensure accurate representation of your values to candidates.

Ensuring Quality Candidates

Concerns about sacrificing candidate quality for rapid recruitment and high volumes are common, yet unfounded. RPO providers can deliver both speed and quality; they prioritize quality of hire and leverage their expertise and hiring technology to source and screen top-quality candidates efficiently.

Solution: Share all recruitment focus details with the RPO partner, including detailed candidate profiles. Define candidate quality as a metric from the outset. 

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Lengthy and Complex Contracts

Fear of long-term contract commitments or rigid terms can deter organizations seeking flexibility or limited engagement from an RPO solution.

Solution: Almost all RPO providers offer variable contracts determined by the client's project length, recruitment objectives, and hiring volume. If required, enlist an RPO partner who can offer shorter, one-time project contracts.

Privacy and Data Security Concerns 

Protecting confidential candidate data is essential when it comes to outsourcing the recruitment process. 

Solution: Conduct research to identify credible RPO providers with positive referrals. Look for providers that have a demonstrated track record of adhering to data protection regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or relevant industry standards. This should include a review of their privacy notices, data protection plans, and security certifications. RPO providers aligned to SOC and ISO standards demonstrate their commitment to upholding privacy laws and safeguarding confidential information.

Gaining Stakeholder Support

Gaining support and financial investment from senior stakeholders can be challenging when advocating for RPO adoption.

Solution: Develop a comprehensive RPO business case in collaboration with your chosen provider. Define your organization's recruitment needs and work with your accounting department to quantify current recruiting costs. Compare this to the potential savings and improved outcomes achieved through partnering with an RPO provider, emphasizing the return on investment.

Selecting and onboarding an RPO service provider requires proactive engagement, clear-cut goals and objectives, and consistent progress reports. By asking the right questions and communicating your expectations, you can establish a productive partnership and steer clear of potential obstacles. Now that you are prepared to navigate the challenges associated with RPO, we invite you to explore our blog on the benefits of RPO to see how it can help your organization.

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