LevelUP Hiring Strategy Increases Tech Client’s Workforce Diversity

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Our client, a rapidly growing software company, has a strong focus on building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Despite strong diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, positive employer reputation, and being headquartered within a diverse geographic region, they struggled to attract candidates from underrepresented groups. 

The client needed to enhance their diversity recruitment efforts and wanted to better understand how they could improve the candidate experience for all candidates—especially those from underrepresented groups. They engaged LevelUP to help inform their recruitment strategy, assess the effectiveness of their current efforts, and provide recommendations for improvement.

LevelUP Strategy

Leveraging our tech stack, diversity-focused sourcers, and market research capabilities, LevelUP developed an action plan comprised of the following:

Fine-tune EVP 
Ensure employer brand reflects key diversity initiatives and DE&I best practices, and that brand messaging is inclusive and welcoming of all qualifying candidates.

Market Advisory
Gather market insights into candidate demographics, demand for similar positions, competitors, and more to inform our strategies and attract a diverse candidate pool.

Establish Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
Provide guidance on how to set up ERGs, develop and implement a programs to engage employees from underrepresented groups.

Passive Candidate Recruitment
Engage passive candidates to diversify candidate pools and improve quality of slate.

Eliminate Bias in Applicant Review
Leverage anonymizing technology to censor candidate resumes and applications and eliminate bias throughout initial screening process. 

Diverse Interview Panels
Build teams of interviewers with different backgrounds, genders and racial makeup to ensure a more diverse panel during the candidate selection process.


LevelUP Hiring Strategy Increases Tech Client’s Diversity Hires

For the first time, our client hired more women than men in a calendar year. Additionally, the client saw increased hires from minority groups. As such, they were able to take an important step in achieving a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


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