Concrete Ways AI Is Improving Talent Acquisition

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AI-powered talent acquisition systems can be an invaluable tool in helping organizations attract and engage talent. As many organizations look to scale their workforce to pre-pandemic levels and adapt to shifting talent trends, AI can provide ways to automate repetitive tasks and speed the recruitment lifecycle. This blog post will explore a few concrete ways AI can help companies adapt to today’s talent demands.

Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by Reducing Bias

One of the most significant and positive changes to come out of 2020 was companies making diversity, equity, and inclusion a board-level priority. Early this year, Aptitude Research reported that nearly 90% of companies are concerned with reducing bias in their talent acquisition process in order to improve DE&I.

AI-driven candidate sourcing, matching, and assessment tools can interrupt human biases and aid talent acquisition professionals in building a more inclusive talent pool. AI can anonymize candidate profiles, resumes, and assessmentscontributing to an inclusive source and screen process by enabling recruiters and hiring managers to focus on applicant skillsets and qualifications over demographic information. Earlier this year, Jobvite launched an AI-powered job description grader that can analyze and provide reports on job postings to highlight language biases.

Improve Candidate Experience to Attract Top Candidates

Several industries are facing a problem: employers are seeing too many candidates, but too few of the right ones. The fact remains that, in today’s candidate-driven market, the most qualified job seekers can afford to be highly selective about where they want to work. With organizations across the globe competing for the best talent, creating a seamless and engaging candidate experience is crucial to any successful talent strategy. AI-powered tech tools, particularly conversation bots and intelligent matching, can be an invaluable in improving candidate experience in 2021's candidate-driven hiring landscape.


Source: Phenom, Phenom Study: AI Recruitment Chatbots Double Candidate Leads & Increase Job Apply Rates 

Phenom's 2021 State of Candidate Experience Benchmark Report found that a startling 91% of fortune 500 career site did not utilize an AI chatbot. From collecting candidate information to allowing candidates to schedule their own interviews, conversation bots can create a speedier and more simplified application process. AI chatbot tools can also offer highly personalized support, answer FAQs in real-time, automate follow-up emails, and quickly provide candidates with updates on the status of their application.

In 2020, Phenom reported that AI chatbots were most frequently engaged outside of traditional 9am to 5pm business hours. With 24/7 availability and the option to be leveraged in the candidate’s own time, AI chatbots can empower potential candidates to personalize their own experience and initiate the application process at their own convenience.

AI-powered matching tools can engage job seekers further by curating personalized job recommendations for job seekers based on their skills, experience, and job browsing data. These tools can reduce the time taken for a candidate to find and apply to relevant jobs within your organization.

These systems can integrate with your ATS to trigger phone screenings, online assessments, and invitations to interview, further creating a seamless experience for the candidate.

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Manage Large Candidate Pools Remotely

As many businesses reorient their workforces to remote work, they are also exploring new ways to incorporate AI into the hiring lifecycle to streamline tasks and augment existing capabilities from behind the screen. One consequence of the shift to remote work is an expanded candidate pool: in the absence of geographic limitations, recruiters can source candidates from all over the world. AI can be highly beneficial to managing this large pool of candidates, especially for organizations with a limited talent acquisition department and resources.

During the pre-screening stage, conversation chatbots can be used to collect information about each candidate’s ability to work remotely, their years of experience, their geographic location, and so on. This data can be used to weed out candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements for an open role.

67% of recruiters and hiring managers say AI saves them time.

Source: HR Executive, Why recruiters must put AI and its strategies to work—now

AI can also assist recruiters and hiring managers in identifying top talent during the candidate sourcing stage. Intelligent sourcing tools can analyze candidate data to score, rank, and return the best-fit applicants to hiring managers. Using your feedback on these recommendations, these tools can be trained over time to generate improved results.

Additionally, AI-powered screening, assessment, and interviewing tools can benefit the remote hiring process through interviewing analytics, behavioral assessments, and proctoring tools that can detect plagiarism.

In today’s post-pandemic climate, many talent acquisition teams are faced with reduced headcount, budget cuts, and fewer resources. Advancements in AI-driven talent systems and can enable HR to stay on top of their hiring goals, keep up with talent trends, and stay competitive in a candidate-driven market. As part of our RPO solution, our clients gain access to our technology stack at no additional cost. Connect with one of our TA specialists today to find out how we can help you implement our AI systems into your next talent program.


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