LevelUP Builds Strong Candidate Pool for Enhanced Cost Efficiency

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As fierce competition for top healthcare talent persists, recruitment challenges can hinder providers in their ability to meet critical staffing needs. In this article, we explore how one of New York City's largest not-for-profit home and community-based healthcare organizations overcame their recruitment hurdles by leveraging LevelUP’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution. Read on to discover how our tailored Project RPO solution revolutionized our client's hiring process and enabled them to secure high-demand talent efficiently and cost-effectively.

Client Challenges

Our client faced three significant challenges that threatened their hiring goals and budget:

  1. High Agency Spend: The client's reliance on external agencies for sourcing talent resulted in significant expenses, impacting their recruitment budget.

  2. Unpredictable Needs: The healthcare organization experienced rapidly changing hiring demands, making it difficult for their internal recruitment team to keep up and meet monthly hiring targets.

  3. Highly Specialized Positions: The client required highly specialized healthcare professionals, such as registered nurses, certified medical assistants, master social workers, and nurse practitioners, who were in high demand in the market.

LevelUP - Case Study Download Banner - LevelUP Builds Strong Candidate Pool for Enhanced Cost Efficiency

LevelUP Project RPO Solution

LevelUP implemented a proactive recruitment strategy, combining the following approaches to attract and engage top healthcare talent:

  1. Dedicated Healthcare Recruitment Team: LevelUP provided a dedicated team of recruitment experts with deep knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. This team was well-versed in sourcing and attracting skilled healthcare professionals.

  2. Scalable Sourcing Team: To effectively meet the client's fluctuating hiring demands, LevelUP supported the client with a scalable sourcing team. This ensured a steady pipeline of qualified candidates, even during periods of high demand.

  3. Tech Stack: LevelUP leveraged advanced technology solutions to streamline the recruitment process, enhance candidate sourcing, and improve overall efficiency.

  4. Passive Candidate Recruitment: Recognizing the scarcity of specialized healthcare professionals actively seeking new opportunities, LevelUP proactively searched for passive candidates. By targeting individuals who were not actively job searching, they tapped into a hidden talent pool.

  5. Employee Referrals: LevelUP encouraged and incentivized employees within the client organization to refer qualified candidates from their networks. Leveraging existing employees' connections helped expand the reach and quality of the talent pool.

  6. Proven Networks: Our talent experts utilized extensive industry networks and connections to access skilled professionals. Leveraging relationships with healthcare talent networks, associations, and institutions enabled us to source exceptional candidates.

Program Results

Our achieved remarkable results through our Project RPO solution, including:

  1. Timely Hiring: LevelUP successfully filled all assigned positions within the target timeframes. Our dedicated healthcare recruitment team ensured a streamlined hiring process, reducing time-to-fill for critical roles.

  2. Reduced Agency Use: Through proactive candidate sourcing strategies, LevelUP minimized the client's reliance on external agencies. This resulted in a 40 percent cost savings in agency fees, improving the client's recruitment budget.

  3. Pipeline Development: During the engagement, LevelUP also focused on building a talent pipeline for future openings. This proactive approach reduced the cycle time for subsequent hires, ensuring a continuous pool of qualified candidates.

Through this strategic partnership, our client successfully achieved remarkable improvements in their hiring outcomes. Leveraging LevelUP's innovative Project RPO solution, the healthcare organization effectively reduced agency spend while consistently meeting their hiring targets, even in a highly competitive market for specialized talent. By adopting a proactive approach and implementing highly efficient candidate sourcing strategies, LevelUP not only delivered substantial cost savings but also significantly increased overall operational efficiency. Ultimately, these achievements enabled the client to provide exceptional quality care to their patients and communities, solidifying their position as a leading healthcare provider.

LevelUP - Case Study Download Banner - LevelUP Builds Strong Candidate Pool for Enhanced Cost Efficiency


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