Building a Standardized Talent Acquisition Process to Achieve Rapid Growth

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Our client, a Series D-funded healthcare technology startup, provides underserved and lower income communities with state-of-the-art healthcare services that include primary care, mental health support, social services, care coordination, and urgent care. In September 2021, the company announced it had received $400 million in late-stage funding, on top of the $192 million it had already raised in March of that year.

As the company grew, however, they faced mounting challenges. Their highly fragmented and under resourced internal talent acquisition team was unequipped to manage over 400 openings. In addition, the client had a lengthy and cumbersome hiring process, leading to quality candidates slipping through the cracks or electing out of the process before an offer was made. These issues were only exacerbated by an absence of reporting capabilities. HR and executive leadership clamored for data which was simply not available.

These conditions led our client to search for a solution that would first and foremost deliver the talent they needed to fulfill their business objectives. Also important to the client was finding a partner that shared the same vision of equity and belonging that would ensure they were building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Finally, they sought a partner that would help guide, implement, and support improvements to the foundations of their talent infrastructure.

LevelUP Project RPO Solution

LevelUP launched a full lifecycle Project RPO solution comprising of two senior talent advisors, five talent advisors, three sourcing specialists, and two recruiting coordinators. This team was initially assigned 225 roles across four business units. LevelUP established four sub teams to work on the following role categories.

Role Categories-1The majority of roles assigned to LevelUP had not been addressed for over six weeks when our team began implementation. In turn, 75 percent of the roles had over 200 applicants that had not been reviewed for consideration or communicated with. So, with no time to spare, our team tackled this backlog and successfully interviewed and dispositioned all candidates in the pipeline over the course of two weeks. The sourcing team got to work reviewing the overflow of applicants in queue over five days while implementation was still taking place.

LevelUP established team metrics, setting weekly recruitment standards. We collaborated with the client to design an interview and screening process that would meet the clients’ needs while also reducing overall cycle time. This included establishing mutual SLAs.

Program Impact

Program ImpactProcess Improvements

LevelUP streamlined the talent cycle by eliminating multiple redundant levels of interviews early on in the hiring process. Experienced recruiting coordinators created a sense of urgency in hiring manager schedules and prioritized candidates in the pipeline. Through this, LevelUP was able reduce speed to hire from 52 to 21 days. In addition, LevelUP worked to create customizable reports that could reflect real time candidate activity in the pipeline to share with client’s hiring managers on a weekly basis.

Top-Tier Candidates

LevelUP was able to attract and recruit exceptional talent in a highly competitive market through strategic sourcing, outreach, and candidate engagement methods. The team honed in on the company's key value propositions and were able to find candidates who not only met requirements but who were genuinely passionate about the client’s mission and purpose.

LevelUP filled 70 positions in the first eight weeks of the program launch, and recruiters were able to keep several quality candidates who were lingering in the process interested until an offer was made.

LevelUP’s four sub teams were in constant communication with each other and the client’s talent team, and shared candidates when they believed their candidate may be a better fit elsewhere in the organization. This was vastly different from the client’s previous model where declined candidates were not further considered.

Cost Savings

LevelUP was able to provide hard and soft dollar savings to the client. Our services all but eliminated costly agency spend, saving the company hard dollars. The reduction of the average time a position was open and unfilled dropped from 143 days to 30 days.

Future State

LevelUP has had several contract extensions with the company and continues to play a critical role in their overall talent acquisition strategy. Our partnership has resulted in a long-term betterment of the internal team’s recruitment processes.

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