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In order to fully leverage the advantages offered by a Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) solution, businesses must first evaluate their readiness to partner with a CWM provider. The introduction of a CWM solution can have significant implications for various aspects of your organization, including its culture, change management, supply base, and end-users. To ensure a seamless implementation and achieve excellent outcomes when considering a CWM solution, you should address the following key questions:

What Are Your Workforce Needs?

Begin by understanding your organization's workforce needs. Consider factors such as hiring volume, skillsets required, and geographical locations where you need talent. If you were to engage a CWM provider, what specific areas would you want the solution to target?

Who Are the Key End-Users?

Assessing your readiness for a CWM solution involves identifying your program's end-users. Are they willing to work within the CWM systems and Vendor Management System? Does the CWM solution align with their needs, and what value will it bring to them? Are you prepared to implement a training plan to help end-users adapt to the CWM partnership?

Who Are the Key Internal Stakeholders?

Engaging key internal stakeholders is critical to the successful delivery of any CWM solution. Identify the stakeholders who would be affected, involved, or interested in the CWM solution and its outcomes. This could include departments such as HR, Procurement, Legal, Risk, Finance, IT, and business operations.

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Building Consensus

Examine the consensus on the primary outcomes of CWM. Ensure that all key stakeholders agree on the relative importance of the following benefits in improving your contingent workforce strategy:

  • Access to Talent: Evaluate the efficiency of your current process for sourcing contingent workforce. Assess whether your organization needs a more flexible, scalable, or global approach.
  • Cost Savings: Determine how critical cost savings are to your organization and how these savings align with your expectations for the quality of talent. Consider whether cost savings involve standardizing processes and reducing back-office expenses to enhance overall process efficiency.
  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance: Examine whether your organization stays current with government compliance regulations. Assess whether you have processes in place to mitigate co-employment risk, screen contractors, secure confidential information, and ensure vendor compliance. Consider if business intelligence and performance metrics hold significance for your organization and whether increased visibility in these areas is necessary.

Assessing Organizational Change Readiness

Evaluate your organization's readiness for change by considering the following questions:

  • Operational Alignment: Is your organization operationally aligned to work within a defined supplier base or process?
  • Technology Adoption: Are you willing and able to mandate the use of web or cloud-based tech tools for managing requisitions?
  • Outsourced Program Experience: What internal experience do you have with introducing and implementing outsourced programs?
  • International Engagement: If a multinational solution is desired, how engaged are you currently with peer groups in other countries?
  • Resource Availability: Do you have the internal resources needed to support or lead the change management process?
  • Business Alignment: Does the CWM strategy align with high-priority business goals?
  • Executive Sponsorship: Who will act as the executive sponsor or program champion?

By addressing these questions comprehensively, your organization can better prepare for a successful transition to a Contingent Workforce Management solution, ensuring that you maximize the benefits and minimize potential challenges.

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