Leading International Bank 2

LevelUP executes an Enterprise Solution, managing the entire talent and recruitment program for the US market. Providing process management and direct sourcing activities for FTE and contractors.

58,000 + Employees

LevelUP has total Cost Avoidance at $1 Million to date

The Challenge

LevelUp was tasked with implementing the Bank's Contingent Workforce Solution. The Bank had an increased need for contract resources across multiple business lines due to necessary IT upgrades and ongoing regulatory compliance demands. 

The Solution

The LevelUp Talent Advisors applied their extensive experience and knowledge of the contract market to create a center of excellence for staff augmentation delivery. Thus enhancing a limited process which was previously manager-led, to a streamlined centralized operation. 

The Results

LevelUp became the central point of contact, allowing the business to focus on the daily objectives. This enabled the Bank to regain control over their contingent resourcing process, attracting higher quality resources and reducing their time selecting candidates.