Mistakes to avoid during an Interview

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Job interview behavior can be difficult to decipher what’s appropriate and what’s not. In an effort to make your interviewing experience run a little smoother, we’ve applied our industry knowledge to form a list of interview mistakes and suggestions on how to easily avoid them. 


Forgetting the name of your interviewer.

  • Prior to your interview, it is essential to remind yourself the name of the person you're to be speaking with. It may seem minimal, but this detail can help leave the impression that you value your interviewers time.

  • There’s also the science behind hearing one's own name- that it triggers increased brain activation, particularly in the medial frontal cortex (associated with social behavior), the middle and superior temporal cortex (associated with long-term memory and auditory processing), and the cuneus (associated with visual processing).

  • Not only will remembering their name help you land a positive first impression but theoretically the interviewer will become more engaged in the conversation.


Appearing Unpolished. 

  • Do your research on the company culture when it comes to dress-code and aim to smarten it up. Always, always dress to impress.

  • The handshake is an essential practice in an interview introduction and conclusion, so it’s a great idea to have nicely groomed hands.

  • Be mindful when applying a cologne/perfume. Interviews may be conducted in small spaces and an overpowering scent may do just that- overpower your interview responses.



Not bringing a resume. 

  • Although we are among the digital age and often times the interviewer will have your resume accessible via laptop or tablet, in the case of technical difficulties it’s always a good measure to have a physical copy of your resume. (Printed on Resume Paper for bonus points!)

  • This small detail shows that you took initiative to make the interviewer's job a little easier.


Not asking questions; or only asking about compensation. 

  • Ask meaningful questions that show you’ve done some amount of research on the company, stock, trending news about the industry, etc. - but make sure not to interrupt your interviewer when doing so.

  • Always wait for your interviewer to complete their thought before adding your value-driven comment or question.



Flawed body language. 

  • Avoiding eye contact is a major interview mistake. Strong eye contactis essential during a face-to-face interview as it displays confidence, respect, and genuine interest.

  • Aim to avoid poor posture, as it displays laziness and disinterest. Instead, sit tall as if a string were connecting your head to the ceiling.

  • Arms crossed over the chest also signals defensiveness, so keep them open to your sides to give off an approachable quality.



Negative responses

  • When forming your interview responses be aware not to frame them in a negative tone. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of the experiences you’re reflecting on.

  • Bad-mouthing previous employers is poor form as it raises too many questions and leaves a negative impression.  It may lead an interviewer to question if you may have been a part of the problem.  If you have to reflect on a negative experience try to remain as neutral as possible and turn the attention towards any positive outcome. 


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February 23, 2018 at 2:35 PM