Build an Inclusive Company Culture


An inclusive and supportive company culture is a vital element in a successful business model. The idea is simple, happy workers lead to a happy environment, which in turn leads to happy clients. There are many practices an organization can adopt to achieve a strong culture, without breaking the budget. The idea “ it’s the little things” comes strongly into play when approaching new methods to employee inclusivity.


Celebrate all successes: big and small

When an employee or team of employees achieve a positive outcome that benefits the organization, celebrate it! A celebration can be in the form of a positive email shout-out, office call out - do what you can to spread the word and give recognition to all involved. If your organization is active on social media, consider sharing their success on a platform. Highlighting the achievements of employees spreads positivity across the organization and can act as a source of motivation. Not only will employees feel appreciated, but your clients will also receive the positive message.


Integrate teams

Find ways to draw employees from different divisions together to collaborate. This provides an opportunity for employees to share updates within their division, and bring a different perspective to a problem or solution. Achieve this by facilitating weekly cross-department team building events. “Being at LevelUP, your team is spread acrossmultiple client sites, which raises the question; can you have one consistent culture across different locations?  Quite honestly, we do a great job of that,” says John Corso, LevelUP Engagement Manager at Societe Generale. “We have regular get-togethers which help to understand who our peers are, what challenges they’re facing and where we can help.”


A warm welcome to new hires

The first day in a new position can be an intimidating experience. In an effort to alleviate a new hire’s potential nerves, provide them with a welcome kit that includes a detailed digital manual highlighting important company items that clarify all expectations. At LevelUP, our new hires are greeted with other fun items such as a LevelUP water bottle, wallet phone sleeve, notebook, pens, and other essentials.


Provide channels for feedback

Offering employees a space to share new ideas or address current challenges allows organizations to adapt accordingly.  This can be in the form of a scheduled team meeting, or by simply offering an open door policy- ensuring that employees are aware that they are welcome to set a time to speak openly with leadership. Once any action is set to take place pertaining to employee feedback, keep the respected employees updated on any progress.  An open door policy is the best policy and sets the tone for a productive work environment. 


Recognize special days

Celebrating cultural celebrations of all varieties is necessary, which requires being aware of all employees' backgrounds and cultures.  Consider these holidays when writing company calendars and newsletters.


There are several ways to either initiate or enhance an inclusive culture within your organization. If you’re already practicing some of the items mentioned above, thumbs up! If you’re just getting started, continue the great work. Similar to most initiatives within your organization, an inclusive culture isn’t achieved overnight. It takes time, trial and error, and some creativity. If you begin with the steps we’ve provided, you can lay a solid foundation and continue to make tweaks as your organization progresses.


LevelUP HCS creates sustainable talent programs that blend best practices, utilize innovative technology and leverage relationships to develop and drive initiatives. We understand what it takes to deliver the very best and offer a customized solution to deliver exceptional business results to help organizations optimize their recruiting efforts to find great talent!

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March 15, 2018 at 1:36 PM